Create your developer landing page with GitHub Pages

Feb 9, 2018

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Developer Landing Page with GitHub Pages

All of us devs, at one point or other, would have wanted to have a personal website of our own, either to showcase our online presence or just 'coz it's fun. So here, I present you a ready-made Developer Landing Page

Usually creating a personal website would involve buying/registering a domain name, finding a free/paid hosting service, developing your site and uploading it to the hosting provider.

But with GitHub Pages, publishing your site is as easy as drinking a coffee.

  • You need a GitHub account (you obviously have one already)
  • Create a new repo with the name {username}
  • Clone the repo and create an index.html file
  • Add some content and git push

Voila! Your site should be live at https://{username} in seconds.

Developer Landing Page

I wanted a Dev Landing Page to showcase everything I do online. And I wanted it to be minimal and right to the point rather than beautiful and hefty. So I sat down one night and created this Dev Landing Page.

Few of my friends liked it and I created the same in a few different themes for them. And I think for most of the devs out there would like to have something similar. So if you're not looking for something fancy and like this minimal Dev Landing Page, feel free to fork/clone and customize it to your dev taste.

You can pick from one of these 9 material themes or change the colors it to suit your taste 'coz it's just too easy.

9 Material Themes

Here's my Dev Landing Page - Dinesh, shining bright in my favourite yellow! 🎉

You are amazing! Have a great day! ✨